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Milwaukee Man Sues Young Jeezy Over Song Theft

Sampling another artist is pretty common in the hip hop industry. However, there’s a difference between sampling and outright theft, which is what one Milwaukee man claims Young Jeezy did with one of his songs.

The lawsuit claims that the song “Me Ok” by Young Jeezy ripped off a song that local rapper Big Chris did a few years ago.

When listening to the two tracks, they do sound pretty similar. But I don’t know if there’s enough here for a lawsuit. I also don’t know if he can prove that Young Jeezy could have heard his song, and directly ripped off the material.

Listening to it on my FreedomPop LTE I’m just not totally convinced that Big Chris has much of a lawsuit. But maybe Def Jam Records will see it differently and give him a settlement of some sort.