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Drake Beats Hackers to the Punch

In attempt to take power from online hackers Drake released three new tracks over the weekend. This comes quickly after the success of highly popular tracks like “Believe Me” featuring Lil Wayne and “0 to 100/ Catch Up.”

Drake has been known for making tracks for mixtapes, but most people were looking for a full length album. The success of the summer tracks has led people to believe that a new album is about to surface. Hackers apparently had access to these tracks, according to Drake, so he released the songs in advance.

The songs, “Heat of the Moment,” “6 God,” and “How Bout Now” are tracks that have been placed on the website. Drake brakes out all the stops with everything from Jodeci samples to hardcore beats from his regular production by Boi-lda. I streamed them on my FreedomPop tablet and I must say Drake’s blowing the door off hip hop.

Drake has been known to release tracks during the month of October since the very beginning of his career. The release comes during a time where hackers have been especially busy. The Taylor Swift album was leaked several days before it was released. Drake made the decision to clear the rumors about new album leaks. He detered hackers that thought they had access to an EP.

OK Go and Honda

OK Go is at it again with a new video, “I won’t let you down.” Their videos are always fine productions, and this one is no exception. They spare no expense in this undertaking with countless girls and umbrellas. That’s right. They used umbrellas with a lot of choreography.

If that’s not impressive enough, they also used a large batch of self balancing, motorized unicycles. Yes, that’s right. Honda makes motorized unicycles and the creative geniuses who put together the video productions for OK Go came up with a brilliant video that incorporates dancers, umbrellas and unicycles.

The song and the words are catchy, but the video is the driving force for this one. The choreography and the use of an everyday item are splendid. More splendid is the choreography of the motorized unicycles.

I expect that this video will be a top seller on Apple iTunes, which is good news for Laurene Powell Jobs and the group. It’s sure to sell a few Honda U3-X’s as well.

Milwaukee Man Sues Young Jeezy Over Song Theft

Sampling another artist is pretty common in the hip hop industry. However, there’s a difference between sampling and outright theft, which is what one Milwaukee man claims Young Jeezy did with one of his songs.

The lawsuit claims that the song “Me Ok” by Young Jeezy ripped off a song that local rapper Big Chris did a few years ago.

When listening to the two tracks, they do sound pretty similar. But I don’t know if there’s enough here for a lawsuit. I also don’t know if he can prove that Young Jeezy could have heard his song, and directly ripped off the material.

Listening to it on my FreedomPop LTE I’m just not totally convinced that Big Chris has much of a lawsuit. But maybe Def Jam Records will see it differently and give him a settlement of some sort.